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Can’t calculate the amount you can generate by opting for various equity release schemes? Unsure about whether you are eligible for equity release or not? Confused about the specifics of equity release schemes? Want to know about equity release providers and their offers? It’s your lucky day! Doncaster New Direct Calculator is an advisory firm on all matters equity release. With a state-of-the-art equity release calculator that can present you with approximations of the amounts you can earn through various equity release schemes and with a comparator that not only introduces you to various equity release deals from equity release providers but also compares them to help you select the right deal for yourself! 

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Four Features of Our Company

Its all Free of Cost

Whether you want to use the calculator to know an approximate lump sum amount or an approximate monthly amount you would be able to get with any equity release scheme or whether you want to use our comparator to compare up various deals, all our tools are available for FREE! 


Authenticity Guaranteed

Our calculator has been designed in such a way that it takes into account various factors like the your home’s location and estimate price, your age, your health conditions etc before calculating a rough estimate that would be very close to the real amount that companies would offer you!

Worthy Deals Only

Our comparator would only bring those deals to your notice which are worthy of your attention. We won’t bother you with a large number of deals which are either suspicious or do not go in line with your needs and requirements. With a small though worthy group of deals to choose from, you would end up with a good deal every time!


24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support so that you are never kept waiting to use any of our services. Whether you have any questions regarding any deals or have any queries regarding the amount you can get through a particular deal, we can guide you through everything!

Things to Consider When Going for Equity Release

Equity release has become a popular option amongst the masses who have retired and are facing cash flow issues. With a lifestyle to maintain after years of hardwork, equity release ensures that they can continue to live in a prosperous manner till their end of times. There are a few things that should be considered when opting for equity release.

Joint Name Properties

Equity release schemes and deals hold up till the owner of the house stays inside the house. This means that when the owner dies, the house is either auctioned to generate money to repay the loan amount or is taken by the equity release company which sanctioned the loan. If you have a partner but the house is named after you only then it would leave your partner vulnerable in case you die. By having joint name properties, the equity release company would only be able to sell the house or claim it after both the owners have died. 

No Negative Equity

It’s important that you opt for schemes that offer ‘No Negative Equity’ which means that regardless of the monthly income provided as loan, the company won’t hold you liable to pay anything over the property of your house. So, even if your house’s value decreases later on, the company won’t be able to hold you accountable.

Our calculator takes into account all these factors before telling you the amount you can generate through equity release. Call us now to start using our calculator!


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The equity release calculator was so simple and easy to use as well as the whole equity release process at Doncaster New Direct which was handled very professionally and in a clear and concise manner.
Victor J. Domenech

I received my estimate in a manner of just minutes. It was such a simple process. All I had to do was enter a few basis information about myself and my property which was used to calculate the amount I could get from my property.
John C. Martinez

The Doncaster New Direct Calculator was very helpful! It was an integral part of my decision making process. Knowing in advance approximately how much I could release from my property help me to see how beneficial equity release could be to me. 
Jerry L. Vaughan

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